Monday, July 30, 2012

Tail between my legs, so to speak…

To the delight of Red Sox fans all over, including on the road from California, this was a bad weekend for the Yankees vs. the Red Sox. It could have been a sweep by NY after game one but two last inning scores in tie games cooked the Yankee goose. I was  hoping it would be a “see my taillights” moment and felt good about it after Friday’s win but it wasn’t to be. What could have been a 12.5 game lead has shrunk to 9.5 games, with the Sox still in last place. Can they recover and make a race out of it?

Absolutely. You see, with their outstanding pitching (plenty of Josh Beckett trade rumors but no one seems interested in “white trash” for 17 million,  all they need to do is figure out whether Carl Crawford can (a) play every day, (b) only play 4 games in a row unless the manager does not listen to the front office which he promises to never do again, (c) listen to Carl because he says he needs surgery or (d) listen to the manager who has never heard that he needed surgery. You know when I was growing up I used to love the Three Stooges. Who would have thought we would see them in real life, right there in Boston, yuk, yuk yuk… Even the 1962 Mets think the Red Sox season is done. The best way to tell they are toast  is to listen to what the typical Red Sox fan says. It used to be things like “we’ll get it together” or “wait until so and so comes back”. Now they just say “Yankees suck) Right Fred?

 So we move on now to the rest of the season and drive to the playoffs. The Yankees meet Baltimore tonight to play the fading Orioles and the Red Sox go home to face the “fighting for the lead” Detroit Tigers. The next few games should be interesting…


Only one today, a quote by Brian Heyman, directed to the Red Sox fan who bemoans all the injuries: “  The Yankees sure have done a better job getting past their injuries than the Red Sox. They have more talent and more depth than the Red Sox have, too. The pitching is much better.
Couldn’t have said it any better myself…

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