Friday, May 13, 2011

Baseball IS Life, resistance is futile…

Allow me to introduce a new blog to the line-up. I just have so much time on my hands, I could think of nothing better than starting a second blog, to indulge my passion for baseball, to examine it in the light of my life and culture and give me a place to write baseball oriented posts without alienating my other readers who are more concerned about my opinions on books and movies and restaurants as well as life lessons learned at a later age.

There may be occasional cross posts with my other blog, Penguin Droppings as sometimes baseball is undistinguishable from life itself. Please suffer these in silence, or perhaps with just a rhythmic chant of “T Fab P, clap clap, T Fab P…” My theme will be baseball in general with a generous focus on the NY Yankees. To all my Red Sox fan readers, I say pstbbbbb!!! But don’t worry, there will be plenty for everybody.

I hope to show you a path to tranquility through the simple art of pitching and catching, of trying to hit a round ball with a round stick squarely, of pastoral strolls along the gravely base paths of life, all the while just trying to get home. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed thinking about it and writing it. Feel free to express your support through the comments process but please, no doing the wave, no matter how well I write something or how bored you might be with it!

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